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Office management solutions are no longer just about keeping the office environment at optimum conditions or ensuring employees are adhering to company policies. The rapidly evolving work environment is demanding more dynamic and innovative solutions to optimise productivity and efficiency. If you’re an office manager in Singapore wondering what are the best practices that can keep your team performing its best, here are five trends that have prevailed in 2021.

1. Work flexibility

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work, permanently. With more people working from home and flexible work schedules being implemented across different industries, an office manager in Singapore like you must also consider more flexible office management solutions to help employees thrive in the changing environment.

Such flexibility must also extend to hiring policies and management technologies to allow more dynamic ways of working. Today, 32% of companies are replacing full-time employees with contract staff and many are turning to cloud-based technologies to streamline processes. To remain relevant to the commercial world, your company too must quickly adapt to the new way of working.

2. Collaborative workspaces

Co-working workspaces may be a new idea but it is estimated that with 24.2% of annual growth in coworking membership, the total number may reach as high as 5.1 million by 2022. Essentially, more companies are opting for co-working spaces to save hefty office rental and maintenance costs. It is a sound solution for companies with just a few staff or freelancers who work from home. If in doubt, always hire the help of an office space planning services provider to help you explore a more innovative way to manage your workspace.

3. The use of IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming businesses with embedded sensors and software to connect and exchange data over the internet while maximising security, expediting operations and increasing automation. For example, the use of smart technologies to manage light switches or contactless scan and pay systems at retailers are all IoT that can be incorporated in office management solutions. They can save cost, improve user experience and make processes more efficient.

4. Streamlining digital processes

System integrations have allowed companies to streamline digital processes that promote faster and more efficient ways of working. With the sheer amount of data that companies are churning out every day, using the old and manual way of processing can easily cripple efficiency. The digitalisation of processes is the only way to maintain a cohesive ecosystem that can run seamlessly and with a higher level of accuracy. Furthermore, streamlining digital processes can also reduce security issues and redundancies such as loss of employees’ personal data or duplicating authentication processes that are frustrating and unnecessary.

5. Employee engagement

The concept of employee engagement is an evergreen topic that must be taken seriously despite technological advancement or changing work processes. Fundamentally, you are dealing with human beings who want to feel included and empathised. Employees must feel that their voices are heard and problems assisted before they’ll offer up their loyalty.

Dealing with people can be complex but employee engagement can sometimes be as simple as regular communications with teammates and asking their opinions for new office space planning services that you are about to hire. By respecting their views and counting their votes, they naturally feel more inclined to do their best in their role.

What to expect in 2022

According to experts, a hybrid workforce will take shape soon. With less stringent COVID-19 restrictions, more employees will head back to the workplace but they are most likely to split their workdays between the office and home. This also implies offices will become smaller and with more hot desking options.

At the welfare level, 2022 and beyond will also see more emphasis on employees’ mental health and changes to mainstream employees’ benefits to include more relevant perks such as home entertainment subsidies and food delivery reimbursements to match up with the workforce habits.

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