how our management operates


Key Leadership in Nimbus

Daniel Thong
CEO & Director, on the board of directors
Daniel is the founder of Nimbus and our CEO. Nominated as one of Gen.T 2021 list of leaders, he holds a Pest Management certificate , IRATA certification for external facade cleaning and 6 years of facility management experience. He guides our group in our vision to become a regional total facilities provider. Daniel graduated from the University of Oxford and holds a BSc from the London School of Economics and Political Science.
Szehui Tham
People & Finance Ops, on board of directors
Szehui is in charge of our People and Finance teams, overseeing and planning out policies and training to empower our crew. She graduated with a Bachelor of Psychology and Finance from Monash University and has previous work experience in Deloitte Consulting.
Huang Shao-Ning
Board of Director (Non-Executive)
Shao-Ning is the cofounder of JobsCentral and grew and exited the business in 2011 to CareerBuilder.  Shao-Ning is our Group's advisor on strategic matters and operational processes. She is an active angel investor and advisor to deep tech and social impact startups.
Fareed Mustakin
Product Lead & Director
Fareed is in charge of the overall product direction. He believes technology and design can transform services in Asia. He holds a certificate in Product Management from Kellogg School of Management from Northwestern University.

Our Code of Conduct and Values

At Nimbus, we treasure our core values. They represent our moral compass, guiding us on our way to achieve our lofty ambition and goals. 

We expect all our employees or affiliate partners, suppliers, subcontractors to internalize and uphold the Nimbus values in the way they conduct our business every day. This code of conduct is indicated in our agreements and terms of employment and we remunerate and reward our people in accordance with how well they live up to these values. Our values are :

What drives us

Core Values

Rewarding People First