Guiding our journey

Our Mission & Vision

At Nimbus, our mission and vision can be summarised simply as: People, and Places.

In our work we strive to uplift our customers and their workspaces and homes, and we do so by first uplifting our own employees. We give dignity and meaningful employment for our employees, rewarding them with progressive monetary remuneration and benefits.
To Empower Every Frontline Hero with Good Jobs
To use Technology to Improve the Lives and Efficiency of Frontline Workers

Nimbus Sustainability Efforts

Discover the heart of our commitment to sustainability at Nimbus.

Explore the initiatives, practices, and values that drive our environmental and social responsibility.

From eco-friendly practices in our operations to affecting change in our industry, we're dedicated to creating a positive impact.

Learn how we're shaping a sustainable future and find out how you can join us on this journey toward a greener and more responsible world.

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The Nimbus Leadership

Learn more about the roles of the Nimbus Leadership Team and their journey in this space!

The Nimbus DNA

Learn more about the Nimbus Culture - The values we abide by, and how we conduct ourselves when we suit up for work or when we dress down for fun!

The Nimbus Story

See the milestones that contributed to Nimbus being recognised as one of the fastest growing and most exciting companies in Singapore.

The Nimbus Leadership

We believe that the direction, actions, and behaviour of an organisation is guided by its leaderships' values, beliefs and motivation.

Learn more about the Nimbus Leadership Team and the values that we espouse.