Professional Office Cleaning Services in Singapore

At Nimbus Facility, we understand the importance of a clean and well-maintained office environment for the success of your business. Our commercial cleaning services are designed to meet the unique needs of businesses across various industries. We make office cleaning and office management hassle-free. Try us out by getting a free quote or call +6597737177

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Why Choose Nimbus?

Nimbus Facility is not only a leading moving company in Singapore but also one of the most reputable professional office cleaners in the country. Our professional cleaning services complement our integrated facility management and moving services, all while making a positive social impact and ensuring top-tier professionalism and quality.

Uninterrupted Service

At Nimbus Facility, we go beyond traditional commercial cleaning services to ensure that your workspace is maintained without any interruptions, providing you with peace of mind and a hygienic environment for your employees and clients.

Our dedicated supervisors and trained standby professional cleaners are always ready to serve you, ensuring that your workplace remains clean and orderly without any interruptions during your cleaning appointment.

Responsive Customer Service

We recognise that exceptional customer service is not just a responsibility but a fundamental value that drives our business. We prioritise responsiveness, building a positive reputation, and fostering strong relationships with our satisfied clients.

We leverage various communication channels to maintain open lines of communication and provide real-time assistance whenever our clients require it. We also take the time to listen, communicate, and truly comprehend the unique requirements of each client, tailoring our services and solutions to match their expectations

We Give You Accountability

We prioritise accountability in all aspects of our office cleaning services in Singapore. We believe that transparency and accountability are the foundation of a trusting and successful partnership with our clients.

As such, we actively seek feedback from our clients, valuing their input as an opportunity to enhance our cleaning process and refine our services, striving to provide an even better customer experience and exceed expectations with each interaction.

Service Guarantee

At Nimbus Facility, we take pride in our commitment to delivering unparalleled office cleaning services in Singapore, ensuring that every aspect of our cleaning process adheres to world-class professional standards within the industrial cleaning industry.

From regular office cleaning to deep cleaning and other services like disinfection services, spring cleaning, and upholstery cleaning, we adhere to stringent world standards to ensure a thorough and effective holistic approach on commercial cleaning.

We also prioritise continuous learning and development to ensure that our licensed cleaning professionals are equipped with the latest techniques and best practices to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness in your office space.

Office Cleaning Scope

Nimbus Facility offers comprehensive and professional office cleaning services in Singapore, ensuring a hygienic and well-maintained workspace for your business.

Working Areas

In the work areas, meticulous attention is given to maintaining a pristine and organized workspace. Desks, tables, and chairs are diligently wiped down, ensuring a clean and clutter-free environment. The cubicle furniture is subjected to regular dusting and wiping, contributing to a polished and professional atmosphere. Office carpet floors undergo thorough carpet cleaning through vacuuming to eliminate accumulated dust and debris, while bins are promptly cleared and changed to uphold hygiene standards. Additionally, office appliances, telephones, and monitors are consistently cleaned to provide a germ-free and efficient workspace for all.


Bathrooms within the office are treated with utmost care and attention to cleanliness. Sinks and benches are methodically cleaned to ensure hygiene and a fresh appearance. Toilet cleaning is carried out meticulously to maintain sanitation standards. Mopping of bathroom floors is routine, eliminating any potential spills or dirt. Dust and cobwebs are promptly cleared, contributing to an overall clean and inviting restroom space. Regular removal of garbage and replacement of bin bags is practiced, upholding a tidy and sanitary bathroom environment.


In the pantry area, the focus is on creating a clean and organized space for employees. The floor is swept and mopped regularly, promoting a neat and hygienic environment. Sinks and garbage bins are consistently cleared, preventing odors and maintaining overall cleanliness. Washing and putting away dishes is part of the routine, ensuring that pantry items are stored in an orderly fashion. Additionally, consumable food and beverage items are restocked regularly, and appliances such as microwaves and coffee makers are diligently cleaned to enhance functionality and hygiene.

Reception Areas

The reception area is a key focal point for maintaining a positive first impression. Stair railings and handles are regularly wiped down for both cleanliness and safety. Glass on indoor partitions is meticulously cleaned to provide a clear and professional appearance. Sofas, benches, and tables are cleaned to create a welcoming and comfortable reception space. Hard floors are swept and mopped to uphold a polished aesthetic, and accessible surfaces are consistently dusted to ensure a clean and presentable reception area for visitors and employees alike.

Benefits of Office Cleaning Service

Nimbus Facility offers comprehensive office cleaning services designed to enhance employee well-being, maintain a professional image, and ensure a safe and hygienic environment for all.

Healthy and Productive Work Environment

Our office cleaning services are designed to uphold the highest standards of hygiene, safeguarding the well-being of your employees and visitors. By choosing our well-trained office cleaners as your office cleaning service, you are investing in the health and well-being of your employees while upholding a professional and inviting workspace.

Uphold Professional Image

Engaging professional office cleaning services ensures that your office spaces uphold a professional and welcoming image for both employees and visitors. A sparkling, clean office space fosters a positive work environment and improves the company's image by giving a lasting impression on clients and visitors.

Professional and Efficient Cleaning

Partnering with Nimbus Facility means entrusting your office cleaning needs to a dedicated cleaning staff committed to excellence. Our professional cleaning services are designed to elevate your workspace, creating a pristine and pleasant environment for employees, clients, and visitors alike.

Satisfaction Guaranteed or the next one is on us.

Satisfaction Guarantee for our cleaning service

At Nimbus, we don't just pay lip service to quality, we walk the talk. If you are dissatisfied with our spring cleaning after the service, we will do a complimentary cleaning for you free of charge - no questions asked.

we walk the talk

Client Testimonials

"The Nimbus team is always on the lookout for suggestions to better fit our needs. They have been very involved in our operations from Day 1, always ensuring we have a good cleaning team on duty... glad to have Nimbus working alongside the team!”
Jiahui Yap
COO, The Common Ground
"Nimbus offered us a total office management solution; ranging from regular cleaning, pantry upkeeping, landscaping works and even recycling and waste management. Overall, I am very pleased with Nimbus and the standard of service that they have to offer!"
Alyce Fong
Executive Assistant, IPG Mediabrands
"Nimbus always come to my rescue whenever I'm requesting for an urgent help in cleaning services due to various VIP events; It's an honour getting to work closely with Daniel and his team as they will always ensure the task allocated would be done at a very satisfactory level."
Eames Chua
FMP®, Facility & Maintenance Manager

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Our people matter. Nimbus adopts the best employment practices to sustain a happy workforce. We are recognised by the Tripartite Alliance for Fair & Progressive Employment Practices (TAPEF) for having exemplary standards in the handling of our employees and other employment procedures and processes.
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