What drives us

Core Values

Our Code of Conduct and Values

At Nimbus, we treasure our core values. They represent our moral compass, guiding us on our way to achieve our lofty ambition and goals. 

We expect all our employees or affiliate partners, suppliers, subcontractors to internalize and uphold the Nimbus values in the way they conduct our business every day. This code of conduct is indicated in our agreements and terms of employment and we remunerate and reward our people in accordance with how well they live up to these values. Our values are :

Rewarding People First

Our Mission

"The Nimbus team is always on the lookout for suggestions to better fit our needs. They have been very involved in our operations from Day 1, always ensuring we have a good cleaning team on duty... glad to have Nimbus working alongside the team!”
Jiahui Yap
COO, The Common Ground
"Nimbus offered us a total office management solution; ranging from regular cleaning, pantry upkeeping, landscaping works and even recycling and waste management. Overall, I am very pleased with Nimbus and the standard of service that they have to offer!"
Alyce Fong
Executive Assistant, IPG Mediabrands
"Making the world a better place - One clean space at a time"

Empowering Workers through Technology

Founded by former Oxford and LSE entrepreneur Daniel Thong and a core team experience in technology and facilities services, Nimbus started with a passion for changing the perception of blue collared workers in Singapore.

We also believe technology can do so much for underserved communities. Yet, the trickle down effect is not happening fast enough. 

We’ve come a long way from our humble beginnings to a team of hundreds of employees, creating innovative ways to help office managers better manage their workspace.

We are constantly interested in building operations technology that benefits the working class by uplifting their income levels through productivity enhancements. Our mission is simple - to build tech-enabled operations to empower others.