5 Common Office Disinfecting Myths Debunked

Since the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, cleaning protocols in commercial places have become more stringent across the country.  Disinfecting office spaces is especially important to control the spread of the virus, however, many are still misinformed about how it should be done.  To ensure your employees are working in a safe environment, here are five common myths you need to take note of about office disinfection in Singapore. 

Myth 1: Misting alone is enough to get rid of germs & bacteria. 

Do not assume misting alone is not enough to get rid of germs and bacteria.  Your office space still needs a comprehensive disinfecting solution that deep-cleans all corners of the office, including the air, carpets, high-touch surfaces and upholsteries, to ensure the environment is safe and hygienic.  

For better peace of mind, always engage a cleaning provider on the NEA approved list of disinfecting companies to perform office disinfecting service in Singapore, such as Nimbus. Only these approved companies are trained and proficient to ensure you’ll have a COVID-free workspace.  

Myth 2: Disinfecting is the same as sanitising. 

Disinfecting an office space is not the same as office sanitising it, but these two cleaning processes often get mistaken as one.   Essentially, sanitising lowers the number of germs on surfaces to a safe level to prevent infection risk by either cleaning or disinfecting surfaces.  Disinfecting, on the other hand, uses chemicals to kill germs on surfaces to lower the risk of spreading infection, even though it does not necessarily clean dirt or germs from surfaces.  As such, never assume that using commercial grade sanitisers for cleaning is the same as office disinfection in Singapore. 

Myth 3: The office looks and smells clean, so disinfection is probably not needed. 

Just because the office looks and smells clean doesn’t mean that it is.  There are tons of heavily scented products that can mask unpleasant smells in the office.  Don’t be fooled by the minty freshness in the air, you’ll still need a proper wipe-down and disinfection before the workplace is deemed safe for your employees. 

If you’re not sure how to disinfect the office space, instead of relying on fancy products, hiring a professional office disinfection service in Singapore can save you a lot of time and hassle.

Myth 4: There’s no need to clean before disinfecting. 

This can’t be further from the truth.  Disinfecting is the process of using chemicals to kill germs on surfaces and objects to lower the risk of spreading infection but it doesn’t entail cleaning and removing dirt, dust or germs.  To ensure your office is suitable for operation, make sure to conduct a thorough cleaning of the premises by removing dust, dirt and debris, followed by comprehensive disinfection.  Never attempt to skip the steps because proper cleaning and how you disinfect the office space can have a significant impact on your employees’ health and productivity at work.

Myth 5: Disinfectants work instantly.

Not all disinfectants work the same way and don’t assume every type of disinfectant can kill germs instantly.  More often than not, most disinfectants aren’t capable of killing germs and viruses with just one swipe.  No matter what product you use, always check the product label for instructions on how long surfaces should stay wet.  You may need to saturate the surface for a few minutes before germs can be killed.   

Similarly, never assume that all cleaning products contain disinfection properties, very few products can do both.  Unless it is clearly labelled that the product can disinfect, they usually just clean. 

How to Disinfect Your Office Space 

Maintaining a clean and hygienic office environment is an essential step to prevent your employees from picking up germs and viruses that can make them sick. Especially when the COVID-19 pandemic is still looming large across the world, regular cleaning and disinfecting are best bets for keeping your employees healthy and productive at work.

Nimbus provides professional office cleaning and disinfection solutions for workspaces in Singapore. View our comprehensive range of services to find out more.

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