5 Reasons Why You Should Keep The Office Spick And Span

We all know the importance of maintaining a clean office environment – but did you know apart from meeting cleanliness standards, a spotless office also offers many benefits? As it turns out, there are many good reasons why you should look into regular office cleaning

Leaves a Good Impression on Visitors & Potential Clients

Yes, first impressions matter – research has shown that they persist and are not changed easily. This is why you want to make sure that your office is well-kept to leave a lasting impression on your visitors and clients. 

A clean and tidy office is a hallmark of professionalism and your first step to fostering trust in potential clients. Whether it’s a potential client or prospective employee, the look of your office will be one of the key determinants of whether someone wants to proceed with your company.

Creates an Inviting Space 

A spotless and odourless office creates an inviting space for both visitors and employees. Since the office is where employees spend most of their time, it will make sense to uphold cleanliness in the office – after all, nobody enjoys being trapped in a dirty and messy space for extended periods of time. 

With a welcoming office environment, employees may find work a little less challenging and even start to look forward to coming in for work every day! 

Higher Staff Productivity 

Did you know that employees are more productive in cleaner office spaces? In clean office spaces, employees may feel more appreciated and have a stronger sense of belonging, which boosts morale and productivity. 

Moreover, cutting the clutter can result in lower stress and anxiety levels, positively affecting how employees work. With less clutter, employees can focus more on the essential tasks at hand and less on potentially distracting and frustrating tasks, such as locating a lost document. 

Less Sick Days  

Having a spick and span office reduces the number of sick days taken by employees, which in turn results in higher productivity. Indeed, with humans being the most common source of bacteria and employees spending so much of their time in offices, the office could very well be one of the filthiest places in existence. In fact, research has found that the typical office desk contains more than 10 million bacteria – 400 times more than the bacteria found on the average toilet seat!  

To prevent pesky germs from spreading and putting your employees at risk of illnesses, it is vital to have the office cleaned regularly. It may also be worth considering disinfection cleaning services for deep cleaning of the office. 

Safer Environment for All 

Apart from employees’ health, a clean and tidy office is also paramount to keeping your workers safe. Keeping the office environment free of clutter will ensure that employees are able to evacuate safely from the building in the event of an emergency. Moreover, cardboard boxes and paper are also fire hazards that should not be left cluttering the office space. 

How to Keep Your Office Spick and Span

To ensure that your office is kept spick and span at all times, we recommend that you have a cleaning schedule in place. You may also consider engaging professional office cleaning service providers like Nimbus. With professional cleaning services, you can look forward to an office that is consistently clean. The best part? You can expect the professional cleaning provider to take care of your office cleanliness fully, and no supervision will be required on your end. 

Nimbus provides professional office cleaning solutions for workspaces in Singapore. View our comprehensive range of office cleaning services to find out more. 

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