5 Things you don’t want to know about your office carpet

Most offices in Singapore are carpeted. Despite the fact that carpeting is usually the single largest aspect of an office, not many people pay much attention to it. 

It’s often difficult to tell when carpeting is dirty, but your office carpet could potentially be 4,000 times dirtier than your office toilet. Especially with the current Covid-19 situation worldwide, hygiene is of paramount importance. 

So, what exactly is in your office carpeting?

Bacteria and Viruses

Many strains of bacteria, such as Norovirus, Micrococcus, and Staphylococcus aureus reside in office carpets. If you find that the rate of office staff getting sick is high, it may be due to these nasty bacteria lurking in your office carpets. Improve office productivity and reduce the spread of illnesses by sanitizing your carpets professionally.

Food and Drink

You’ve seen it before - crumbs swept onto the floor, coffee stains, or worse. If you’re lucky, the visible stain will remind you that the carpet needs to be cleaned. But invisible stains could be gathering bacteria and mould right under your eyes.

This may even create a pest control situation over time - be sure to address it with preventative pest control measures before it escalates into a full-blown situation!

Dead Skin

All of us shed approximately 4kg of dead skin a year. Multiply that by the number of people in your office and you get lots of tiny particles floating around your carpet. This becomes a source of allergens and dust, and decreases air quality in the entire office.


Ever walked into a meeting room and noticed a musty smell? This is a sure sign of mold, which results from damp carpets from spilt water. 

To keep your office air smelling clean and fresh, Nimbus also supplies organic air fresheners. Say goodbye to moldy and musty smells!

Dirt and Dust

The more people trek across your carpets, the more dirt and dust is collected on the carpet. Dirt and dust can be deeply ground in and darken your carpets, making them unsightly. It also shortens the lifespan of your carpets.

Nimbus recommends quarterly carpet cleaning to ensure a clean, hygienic carpet. Our professionally trained cleaning crew sanitise and disinfect your carpet. See and smell the difference for yourself after a deep carpet cleaning. Get a free quote and workspace consultation from us here.

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