9 practical solutions to safeguard your office against the Wuhan Virus

At present, the Novel coronavirus, better known as the Wuhan Virus, is causing great concern in Singapore. As it is easily contagious, it definitely poses a heightened risk, with the number of cases slowly increasing. Since most people spend a large part of their day in the office in close proximity, it’s important to take extra precautions in your office space to safeguard against the virus. 

Below are 9 practical solutions to implement in your office to better protect against this new coronavirus. 

1. Do a deep clean of your office space

If you have yet to do a spring cleaning for your office, it may be the right time to do so now. A deep clean will get rid of all the accumulated dirt, dust and bacteria and reset your office space to a clean, hygienic state. 

A deep cleaning of the office can remove accumulated bacteria and dirt

2. Disinfect common areas

As many people pass through common areas daily, any bacteria lurking in common areas can easily be spread. All common areas such as meeting rooms, receptions and lobbies should be disinfected regularly with commercial grade disinfectant to eliminate bacteria. 

Disinfecting and cleaning of office space in Singapore
Common areas should be disinfected regularly and thoroughly

3. Take note of high contact areas 

Areas that are frequently touched and handled by many people, such as door knobs and pantry areas, pose the highest risk of disease transference. Your cleaning provider should pay extra attention to these areas, and disinfect them on a more regular basis.

4. Invest in a digital contactless thermometer for the office

A digital thermometer will help you to monitor the temperature of any colleagues or visitors who may feel unwell. A contactless one ensures hygiene and prevents contamination. Take note of anyone who has a fever (above 37.5 degree Celsius.)

5. Stock up your office pantry with Vitamin C tablets and fresh fruits. 

Prevention is better than cure. Keeping a supply of Vitamin C tablets and fresh fruits in your pantry gives everyone an easily accessible source of vitamin C, which helps to strengthen your colleagues immune system, reducing the potential of falling sick. At Nimbus, we provide pantry management, inventory and supply services, to reduce your hassle of pantry upkeep for the office. 

Read about why a healthy pantry is important here. 

6. Place sanitizers at strategic locations in your office

To ensure hygiene and contain the spread of diseases, encourage all colleagues to use hand sanitizer to kill germs. Placing hand sanitizers at high traffic areas such as such as entrances, pantry areas, toilets, lift lobbies encourage use and reduces people-to-people transmission of germs.

7. Invest in anti-bacterial aircare 

Many germs and viruses are airborne, making air quality maintenance important in the office. Look for air freshener options that also eliminate bacteria, to keep the air in your office healthy. Nimbus supplies organic, non-aerosol air fresheners that can improve your air quality, which you can find here.

8. Keep a supply of face masks in the office

Offer a face mask to any colleague or visitor who displays flu-like symptoms. This will prevent the transmission of viruses and bacteria through coughing and sneezing. 

9. Ask for a declaration of travel from colleagues

Monitor your colleagues’ travel plans if they are travelling to countries that are at high risk. You may also wish to impose a leave of absence of 14 days for colleagues who have travelled to China and other countries with high incidence of the virus. 

In these critical times, regular cleaning and maintenance of your space is all the more essential to ensure a hygienic and clean working environment. At Nimbus, our professional cleaning crew have been trained and briefed to deal with coronavirus concerns. For your own peace of mind, you can request for a free consultation for your office space from us here

Request a consult for professional cleaning services

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