What You Should Do If Your Employee Tests Positive For COVID-19

In the event that your employee tests positive for COVID-19, you will need a COVID-19 Case Contingency Plan. A contingency plan should be designed for smooth execution and immediate implementation. Having a distinct protocol in place will help your company better manage the associated risks, prevent panic among your employees, minimise disruption and help your business resume operations in the shortest time possible. Here’s what you need to do if your staff is a confirmed COVID-19 case: 

Step 1: Immediate Response 

The first thing you’ll need to do is to determine the last day that the confirmed case has been in office and identify the areas where the infected employee worked. Proceed to vacate and cordon off the immediate section of the workplace premises where the confirmed case worked, and inform your cleaning providers of the suspect case. Arrange for disinfection of your work premises at the earliest possible timing and make sure that your cleaning provider is listed as one of the NEA-approved cleaning companies that can carry out professional disinfection work, such as Nimbus. 

Step 2: Protect Other Employees 

After arranging for disinfection services, you will have to identify the employees who had close contact with the confirmed case. According to MOH, “close contacts” refer to persons who have provided care for or have had close physical contact with the case, or had stayed in the same place as the confirmed case. 

Upon identifying affected employees, inform them to stay home and monitor their health for a period of 14 days according to MOH guidelines. Remote working arrangements can be made for these employees. You should also inform other fellow employees of their possible exposure and to self-monitor for symptoms.

Step 3: Thorough Cleaning & Disinfection of Office Premises

According to NEA guidelines, thorough cleaning and disinfection of all relevant on-site areas and assets exposed to the confirmed case will need to be carried out. Businesses could also be suspended on public health grounds. 

As part of the new government assistance scheme, business owners and managers may also apply for subsidies to defray part of the cleaning and disinfection costs.

How Nimbus Can Help

In the event of a confirmed or suspect case, Nimbus’ workplace consultants can help you formulate a contingency plan to manage risks effectively and in a timely manner, and minimise disruption to your business operations. 

Having come up with contingency plans for several MNCs, Nimbus is well-equipped to handle emergency situations and respond to urgent needs in a short timeframe. For example, in a case study involving a large online fashion retailer that had a suspect case awaiting swab test results, we were requested to carry out cleaning and disinfection at the earliest possible time due to concerns for staff safety. Within 4 hours on the same day, we mobilised a disinfection crew of 10, including two site supervisors, along with specialised disinfection equipment including carpet and chair extractors and a high-volume misting machine. Disinfection of the entire work premises, including all surfaces, carpets, chairs, and sofas, was completed by 12am. 

Here at Nimbus, we offer office disinfection services with trained staff, professional-grade chemicals and specialised equipment for your peace of mind. Contrary to popular belief, misting alone is insufficient to disinfect your office space thoroughly. Our comprehensive disinfecting solution involves antimicrobial air treatment, deep carpet disinfection, upholstery disinfection and a complete wipedown of all high-touch surfaces. We also offer an extensive range of office cleaning services for workspaces in Singapore. Speak to us today to explore a bespoke cleaning solution for your office. 

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