How to Boost Employee Satisfaction in the Workplace: 5 Tips

Do you know that employee satisfaction in the workplace has a direct impact on their productivity?  Studies have found that happy salespeople can raise sales by 37% and adequate employee engagement can increase customer ratings by 10%, profitability by 22% and productivity by 21%!  

If you’re an office manager in Singapore, these should be enough reasons to re-examine your office management solutions to bring employee satisfaction to a whole new level.  Here are five tips that may help.

1. Give recognition 

The simplest way to boost employee satisfaction is to recognise their effort and contribution at work.  According to studies, one of the key reasons why people leave their jobs is the lack of recognition from their employers, and sadly, as many as 63% of employees do not feel appreciated at their workplace. 

Office managers in Singapore must do more to establish healthier relationships with their employees and identify more direct methods of offering positive reinforcement to promote their job satisfaction.  Sometimes, this can be as simple as praising an individual’s performance in a team meeting or as tangible as offering a reward for a job well done.  

2. Provide career development opportunities

If you want your team to grow with the company, it is time to take employee training and development seriously.  A survey by LinkedIn has found that 94% of employees are more likely to stay with a company that invests in their career development.  

In our fast-paced society where office management solutions and technical skills quickly become obsolete, employees want to be given opportunities to upgrade their skill sets and stay relevant with the market.  When employers are willing to invest in their learning journey, they see it as a sign of trust and appreciation.  In return, these employees are more likely to offer up their loyalty, derive more job satisfaction and work with more productivity. 

3. Pay attention to mental wellbeing 

Employees’ wellness expenses are estimated to reach S$87.4 billion by 2026 in the United States alone. The sheer amount is enough to highlight that wellbeing programmes in the workplace are no longer a good-to-have but a must-have.  Of course, this is further fuelled by longer working hours, job insecurity and prolonged social isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Global companies are already rolling out a variety of fitness and wellness programmes to help employees maintain an active and healthy body, mind and soul. Reportedly, office managers in Singapore are also introducing a series of mental health programmes such as wellness webinars, self-assessment tools and counselling services to support employees.  

4. Cultivate a healthy company culture

A company culture can often make or break the business.  A positive culture can drive employees toward a common goal, but a negative one can easily destroy morale and make everyone work in silos. This is why office managers in Singapore are making a more conscious effort in developing cultures that support employee satisfaction. If you are wondering why more companies are practising flexi hours or calling in office space planning services to create open spaces in the workplace, they are all done in the name of developing a culture that resonates with the evolving workforce.  Much like a company’s strategy, company culture must constantly adjust to remain relevant with the marketplace.

5. Listen to employees & foster meaningful relationships

There is no better way to boost employee satisfaction than giving them utmost attention and fostering genuine relationships that are based on trust and sincerity.  Office managers in Singapore would do well if they take time to listen to what their employees need and offer support if they are within reasonable limits.  

Very often, managers fail to include employees in their planning process and wound up losing valuable ideas that can drive performance.  So, if your team is requesting to hire office space planning services to redesign the workplace, don’t brush it off. The idea may just propel the company to greater heights! Employees are emotional beings who appreciate regular engagements and communications. If you meet them at their level, they are bound to return the support with loyalty. 

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