How to Keep Your Office Carpet Fresh & Clean

Having a clean office carpet is essential for projecting a professional image to your walk-in customers and keeping a hygienic environment for your employees.  More importantly, laying new carpets can be costly, hence making sure that the existing one is in tip-top condition can reduce significant expenses for your management. 

So, are there ways to keep your office carpet fresh and clean like how those professional carpet cleaning services for the office did it?  Indeed there are.  Read on to find out six office carpet cleaning tips that’ll make your carpet good as new.

1. Choose the right carpet 

First and foremost, selecting the right office carpet can make cleaning the carpet much easier.  According to carpet maker, Ege Carpets, a quality commercial carpet has
a life expectancy of 10 to 30 years and can retain its appearance when proper maintenance is applied.   This is why selecting carpets with the right colours, patterns and materials can greatly minimise problems such as staining, shedding and even buckling.  Consequently, these factors can minimise the cost of office carpet cleaning too.

2. Vacuum regularly 

Don’t just vacuum your office carpet once a year when you engage deep cleaning office services. Office carpet should be regularly vacuumed to remove dust and dirt to extend its longevity and improve its appearance.  Pay extra attention to office areas that are frequented by human traffic or have outdoor exposure.  These spaces tend to collect more dust and damage the carpet surface more easily.   

3. Invest in area rugs 

Consider placing area rugs at high traffic areas like the entrances and foyers to keep your carpet clean.  Area rugs are durable, easy to clean and less costly than your office carpet.  Letting these heavy-duty rugs act as buffer zones for incoming traffic to brush off dirt, mud and water from their shoes before stepping onto your office carpet can reduce the chance of dirtying the carpet and damaging it.  As a result, office carpet cleaning would be much easier.  

4. Clean carpet stains immediately

Don’t wait to clean off stains only when carpet cleaning services for your office comes around.  Do spot cleaning whenever possible because old stains that seeped through the carpet fibres and underlays can be very hard to remove, especially when they dried up over time.  When you deal with stains, spillage or soiling quickly, you not only preserve the carpet’s appearance but also extend its durability for a longer period. 

5. Keep food & drinks away from carpeted areas

Keep food and beverages away if you want to maintain a clean office carpet that is fresh and hygienic.  Food stains can be gooey, hard to remove and over time, they can rot and cause the carpet to smell.  Understandably, it can be hard to ensure that every employee will keep their lunch boxes away from the carpeted floor.  The best way to get around this is to create designated zones that are carpet-free for meal breaks. 

6. Create a carpet maintenance plan

Plan a maintenance schedule to ensure regular office carpet cleaning with the right methods.  Divide the office into zones based on different levels of foot traffic and external exposure, then allocate the appropriate cleaning methods and how often each area should be cleaned per week.  For example, areas near the main entrance with high traffic might require daily vacuuming while boardrooms can be reduced to twice a week.  Always customise the cleaning plan to your business operations and the type of human traffic it has.

7. Engage professional carpet cleaning services 

When you keep up with regular office carpet cleaning, your office environment will naturally feel fresh and safe for your employees to work with peace of mind.  Make sure to keep up with regular in-house cleaning but also double it up with the help of professional deep cleaning office services.  These services include deep carpet cleaning and shampooing that’ll keep your office carpet looking new and long-lasting.

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