How to Plan Your Office Space Efficiently: 10 Tips for Office Managers

Planning your office space goes beyond accommodating everything and everyone on the premises, it lays the groundwork for productivity and smooth operations too.  If you are wondering how to plan your office space better and wiser, keep reading for 10 important tips that can accomplish that.

1.  Plan 

Start by making a budget plan, an office layout and a consolidated list of inventory.  When you do that, you’ll have more clarity on what you can effort and what you should prioritise.  If budget permits, hiring a workspace consultant who can provide office management solutions and commercial office space planning expertise can sharpen your planning process too.

2. Check existing furniture 

Before procuring a bunch of new furniture, check through the inventory list to see what the company already has and what needs to be replaced.  From there, you’ll make more cost-effective decisions.  Your existing furniture may even spark brilliant office space planning ideas that you didn’t think of previously. 

3. Have a variety of spaces 

Think out of the box to create functional spaces that are suitable for the modern work team.  For example, soundproof pods could be great for Zoom calls while different spaces such as meditation rooms, flexible workspaces, lounge areas and collaboration rooms can help employees work more creatively and more productively without feeling stifled.

4. Make sure technological requirements are met

Get your information technology (IT) and facility management teams involved when embarking on your commercial office space planning.  They are the best people to ensure all your technological requirements are met.  Whether it is about adding a new power socket, shifting the printers or ensuring seamless navigation within the office, getting them on board can reduce IT hiccups that are detrimental for the company. 

5. Listen to your employees

Reach out to the employees for office space planning ideas because they’ll want a say in their workspaces too.  While you have a fair view on how to plan the office space, employees on the ground may know how to work more productively than you do.  Furthermore, allowing them to participate in the planning process can offer them higher job satisfaction and accountability too. 

6. Lighting matters

Studies have shown that natural light in the office can improve workers’ satisfaction and productivity.  Where possible, try to utilise spaces with natural light for employees because such light sources can also reduce eye strain and headaches.  Alternatively, ensure sufficient and appropriate lightings are used.  For example, use brighter and cooler light at the workspace to trigger alertness and warmer light at lounge and rest zones to let employees wind down. 

7. Make sure the office is not too cold or hot

Your office management solutions should also take into consideration the office temperature which can affect the wellness of the employees.  A survey has found that the top second productivity barrier named by employees is being too hot or too cold.  If possible, why not set the office temperature at 22 degrees celsius? This is where employees can reach the highest productivity level.  

8. Get creative with the decor 

Give the office a creative touch that can lighten the mood and bring more character to the workspace.  Try on the Biophilic design that is au naturel or add a water feature to help relax the mind.  Importantly, find a theme and go with it instead of using random decors which can clutter the office and make the space too overwhelming. 

9. Leave some open spaces 

There is no need to utilise every bit of space in the name of efficiency.  When an office is packed, the clutter can feel visually heavy and mentally overwhelming.  When there are sufficient open spaces in the office layout, it not only facilitates easy movement but also promotes collaboration, creativity amongst employees. 

10. Plan for growth 

Finally, your commercial office space planning should factor in any future expansion that is in line with the corporate direction.  This may mean more new hires or a transfer of an entire department from another branch to the premises.  Having a clear view of the expansion plan also means you don’t have to reorganise and redecorate in the near future.  It is both costly and unproductive.  

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