Office Plants that Millennials Love

In our line of work helping clients to run their physical office, we notice a higher demand for indoor office plants from modern workplaces as a means to beautify and attract millennials to the workplace.

This trend led us to conduct a survey of employees between the ages of 23 to 34 in Singapore on the effect of having plants in the office.

Here are some of our findings:

Millennials love plants

Our market research confirms numerous reports (see here, here and here) that millennials love plants. An overwhelming majority of 72.7% of millennials surveyed have shared that they love plants while the remaining 27.3% of millennials surveyed reported being indifferent. No respondents indicated that they disliked plants.

1. The main reason Millennials love plants is that it helps create personal space for them in the workplace

Our clients at Found8 using our planter boxes to create personal space for members at their co-working space. Image credit sqfeed.

Our market research shows that apart from all the other benefits that plants bring to the working environment, millennials like having plants because it helps create their personal space in the workplace. Plants can be used to create a partition to allow employees to have privacy, and a means to block out distractions in offices with open layouts.

2. The planter box plant that millennials love: the ZZ Plant

The ZZ plant adds a sense of calmness to the environment. Image credit

ZZ is a plant with many names. Also known as the Zanzibar Gem, or the Zuzu Plant or the Chinese Money Plant, this plant is both beautiful and hardy. With its dark coloured leaves and glossy finish, it is a perfect addition to the workplace to create a calming environment. This plant tolerates low light and dry places. In short, this is the ideal plant for the office because it thrives when you ignore it. Based on our market research, 63.6% of millennials surveyed love this plant on the table or in a planter box.

3. The standing plants that millennials love: the Fiddle Fig, the Pachira, and the Money Plant

Fiddle Fig - The most popular plant among millenials. Image credit

The most popular standing plant amongst millennials is the Fiddle Fig (or better known by its scientific name Ficus Lyrata). This plant has leaves that resemble the shape of a violin or a fiddle. You cannot go wrong with this choice of an indoor plant for the workplace, as it is a hot favourite with a high of 68.2% of millennials we surveyed who love this standing plant.

The second most popular standing plant amongst millennials we surveyed is the Pachira. 50% of the millennials we surveyed would love to see this standing plant in their office. This choice of a standing plant would also be a favourite amongst the older employees at the workplace as the plants’ leaves represent the five elements of Feng Shui - metal, wood, fire and earth - to bring prosperity to its environment.

Another surprising favourite amongst millennials is the money plant. It is a plant popular in Asia because it is said to bring good fortune to companies. The plant’s evergreen vines help to reduce anxiety and stress in the office.

The Money Plant - Popular with offices due to its association with prosperity. Learn about how we set up office plants here

Nimbus can provide the plants that millennials love

At Nimbus, we can provide office plants that millennials love without the hassle of worrying about keeping them alive or their aesthetics.

If you are interested in our office landscaping solution, please contact our workplace consultants to survey your place to suggest the appropriate plants to be installed at your workplace. Get your office professional clean by Nimbus.

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