Our Top Professional Tips For Office Cleaning

Having a clean and hygienic office environment is important for employees to feel comfortable and secure.  When the work environment is free of germs and viruses, it also reduces the chance of employees taking sick leave and increases their productivity.  To help you keep your workplace at optimum condition, here are six office cleaning tips that you can easily follow to ensure a sparkling office: 

Get Clutter Out of the Way 

Clutter makes it harder to locate documents when you need them.  It can also congest the walkways or exits and cause accidents if your employees are not mindful of them. Moreover, research has shown that productivity declines when clutter piles up. As such, it is important to get your office organised with proper filing and storage systems, and thrash outdated documents that are taking up your office space.   Getting rid of clutter is simple – all you need is to create a standard process of how your team can file and store respective documents and your space will be clutter-free in no time.  

Make Sure That the Visitors’ Area Is Sparkling Clean 

The first impression counts.  This is why any public area or visitor lounge should be cleaned regularly to project a professional and respectable image for your business and brand. Start by cleaning the reception desk and removing any item that doesn’t project your brand image.  Then, wipe down the seating area to ensure it is free from dust and stains. Don’t forget to vacuum the carpet and shampoo it periodically with the help of an office business cleaning service in Singapore. Don’t forget to clean the curtains, sofa and other upholstery as well. That way, your office will always look impressive and welcoming to your clients and customers. 

Don’t Forget About the Working Area 

It is important to keep the working area clean and tidy since clutter kills productivity and a dirty environment can breed germs and bacterias that are detrimental to your employees’ health.  A research by the University of Arizona found that the average desktop has 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat, signalling the importance of regular office cleaning and disinfecting!

Disinfect Your Bathrooms 

Besides a sparkling clean front desk and workspaces, regularly disinfecting the office bathrooms is a must to maintain the good hygiene and health of your employees.  A dirty and germ-breeding bathroom can easily affect the morale of your team and cause health problems.  In the end, the cost of sick leaves could easily exceed that of maintaining a hygienic bathroom. 

Disinfecting the bathroom regularly might be a cumbersome task but it is well worth the trouble if it improves employees’ health.  Alternatively, seeking the help of professional office cleaning services in Singapore is a hassle-free option too. 

Have a Cleaning Schedule in Place

If you want to keep your workplace in tip-top cleanliness all the time, create an office cleaning schedule to help you prioritise cleaning tasks by office location and maintain  a spick and span office environment all year round. 

The schedule should include the list of cleaning tasks, when they must be accomplished and who is in charge. With proper allocation, the cleanliness of the office will see significant improvement in no time.  

Use Dedicated Cleaning Supplies 

Get cleaning supplies that are suitable for different surfaces and purposes so that you can achieve the best results.  Don’t expect a bottle of Dettol to be multi-functional because you’ll usually need different detergents, disinfectants and tools for different parts of the office. 

Dedicate a space in the office to store these supplies and label them systematic for easy access.  This also ensures that the products can be returned to the same spot and can be found easily, making office cleaning a breeze. 

Engage Professional Office Cleaning Services 

Engaging corporate office cleaning services is a preferred choice for many businesses due to the professional expertise and experience that such services offer. Check out professional office cleaning service providers like Nimbus to take care of your office cleanliness and provide specialised carpet cleaning services using advanced equipment and techniques.

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