Preparing Your Office for Reopening

Offices will be opening up slowly again after the end of Singapore's Circuit Breaker after 2 months, in phases. Is your office prepared for it?

What is the state of my office?

Depending on your building's ventilation and whether the air conditioning was switched on or not, there may be mould and dust in the office, especially in our humid climate. A cinema in Malaysia has found its cloth seats covered in mould. And your leather seats may not be spared either. A department store in Malaysia found its leather goods covered in mould as well.

If your office has not been cleaned for the past few months, you may wish to consider a spring cleaning or disinfecting your space. This would ensure that your office is clean and sanitized and ready for employees to start working again, without being a health risk.

MOM has also laid out requirements that firms must meet to be allowed to operate after 1 June, summarized below:

MOM Requirements for workplaces in Phase 1

1. Implementing a system of safe management measures at workplaces
  • Implement a detailed monitoring plan to ensure compliance with measures. Our proprietary digital portal allows you to run your maintenance operations with ease, remotely.
  • Appoint a safe management officer to conduct checks and keep records of inspections and checks

2. Reduce physical interaction and ensure safe distancing
  • Employees who can work remotely should do so
  • Conduct internal and external meetings remotely where possible
  • No activities with close or prolonged contact
  • Pay special attention to vulnerable employees like the elderly and pregnant ladies
  • Stagger working and break hours & implement split team arrangements
  • Minimize need for physical touchpoints
  • Ensure clear physical spacing of 1m at all times

Nimbus provides stickers and posters for you to clearly demarcate physical spacing to ensure compliance. We can also support your BCP programs if needed to, by providing extra cleaning support for split shift arrangements. You can contact our workspace consultants on BCP here.

Poster resources on Safe Distancing in Workplaces

3. Support contact tracing requirements
  • Record proximity data on phones (TraceTogether app on App Store and Google Play)
  • Only allow employees and authorized visitors at the workplace

4. Require personal protective equipment (PPE) and observe good personal hygiene
  • Masks to be worn at the workplace
  • Observe good personal hygiene

5. Ensure cleanliness of workplace premises
  • To employ regular cleaning of common spaces
  • To disinfect machinery and equipment shared between teams
  • To provide hand soap at all toilets and washing stations
  • Hand sanitizers to be installed at all high traffic points (reception, security booths, etc)

Nimbus can supply industrial use hand sanitizer and dispensers for your space. All our crew are also briefed to focus on disinfection of high contact points.

6. Implement health checks and protocols to manage potential cases
  • Conduct regular screening and declarations for all employees
  • Adherence to travel advisory
  • Ensure employees do not clinic hop
  • To have a protocol for confirmed cases

We have stocked a comprehensive range of supplies here to help your office adhere to safety measures recommended by MOM, which includes stickers, posters, hand sanitizers and more. For a peace of mind, book a consultation with our experienced workplace consultants to effectively implement safety measures in your workplace, and ensure a clean, safe working environment for all employees.

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