Proper disinfecting cleaning: What it looks like

With the current Covid-19 situation, disinfection and sanitization of workspaces is a must, for the health and safety of all staff in the office. But a half-done disinfection is as good as none. What exactly is a thorough disinfection cleaning that covers all areas of concern? We explain more below. 

Preventive disinfection

Preventive disinfection is to stem the spread of germs and diseases when there is not yet any confirmed case of Covid-19. This prevents any potential threats from worsening and eliminates all normal germs that can compromise your staff’s immune systems.

Reactive disinfection 

When there is a confirmed or suspected case, reactive disinfection is required to eliminate the threat. As Covid-19 may stay alive on surfaces like plastic and stainless steel for up to 3 days, immediate disinfection will eliminate the virus and prevent further infection from contact with surfaces.

A thorough disinfection includes:

1. Disinfection misting

We start with an antimicrobial air treatment. Using an ultra low volume machine for a fine mist throughout the entire office space, disinfectant is misted through the air to eliminate any airborne particles and viruses. This ensures that the air in the office is also disinfected and refreshed, eliminating particles floating through the air. Air vents are also disinfected to eliminate common build up of dust and allergens on vents.

Disinfecting wipedown and cleaning of air vents and aircon ducts during covid-19
Disinfection of air vents

2. Deep carpet cleaning and extraction

The carpeting can be one of the dirtiest areas in the office. It is also a "sink" that captures and retains many micro-organisms. To ensure that the carpeting is properly sanitized, disinfectant chemicals are used and viruses and particles in the carpet are extracted with professional carpet extraction machines. 

Disinfection carpet cleaning during Covid-19 period
Deep carpet disinfection and extraction with extraction machines

3. Upholstery cleaning and extraction

Upholstery, such as chairs and sofas, are frequently used, high touch points in the office. Fabric materials also trap bacteria and allergens and are not easily cleaned. Upholstery extraction involves specialized extraction machines with disinfection chemicals that cover all areas of the upholstery that people are in contact with. 

Disinfection and upholstery cleaning during coronavirus period
Disinfection of upholstery with extraction machine

4. Disinfection wipedown of all surface areas, especially high touch points

Tables and desks are not the only surfaces that need disinfecting. Droplets from sneezes and coughs may sit on surfaces such as picture frames and switches, and they may remain untouched if the surfaces are rarely cleaned. A thorough wipedown of all surfaces, including desks, picture frames, shelves, switches, wires and appliances with disinfectant, removes any bacteria and viruses still remaining on these surfaces. We use chemical disinfectants containing sodium hydroxide and isopropyl alcohol.

Disinfection of tables and switches

5. Disinfection wipedown of all chairs and table legs

Chairs and table legs are often neglected in general daily cleaning, but they can easily be stepped on, and dust and bacteria can settle on them and get stirred up as they are moved. In thorough disinfection, attention has to be paid to disinfect such areas that may be missed out.  

Disinfection of office table and table legs
Disinfection wipedown of table legs
Disinfection of surfaces in office pantry area
Disinfection of chair legs in pantry area

Nimbus provides a comprehensive disinfecting solution to thoroughly disinfect your office. The chemicals we use in the disinfecting process are professional grade, industrial disinfectants, containing ethanol and microcides. Contact us for a consultation on a thorough disinfection of your premises. 

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