Share a Part-Time Office Cleaner

Introducing Share A Part-Time Office Cleaner: A new service option that allows tenants in the same building to book short hour cleaning for their small offices. With this new service, you can share a professional cleaner and receive a world class service at cheaper cost.

You get to:

  • Buy professional equipments for your space at only $80 per month. After 6 months the equipments are yours
Office services popular with office managers

  • Save cleaning hours by booking as little as just 50 minutes cleaning time slots daily
Micro 50 minute cleaning sessions can be booked if a cleaner is available in your building

Click on this link to see if your building is available for our service coverage

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the supplies provided?

What are your rates?

It depends on your preferred timing. If it is a non-peak hour, it can be as little as $22/hour or $25/hour for a peak period. To estimate your cleaning needs for your space, click on this link here.

Can I book longer continuous time slots or book separate timeslots daily?

Yes it is possible. Please note that as it is a sharing system, all timings are based on our supply availability and on a first come first serve basis.  Changes, once timings are locked in, are not allowed.

Do also note that under this scheme, our subscription agreement with you means the timings and schedule can change at our discretion depending on supply and demand constraints.

What if I don’t see my building available for sharing a professional cleaning service?

Write us an email at and we will see what we can do! We are happy to kickstart a programme with your building if it is around the central business district area!

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