The Importance of Pest Control in Your Office

The Importance of Pest Control 

Other than cleaning, one of the most fundamental aspects of maintaining your office is pest control. Singapore is a very densely populated country which increases the chances that pests infest our offices and living spaces quickly. If your neighbours suffer from pest problems, the likelihood that the pests would crawl through cracks in the walls or vents to your space is very high too. 

Why do pests appear? 

Offices are attractive sources of food. Crumbs left over from people snacking at desks, spills in the office pantry and dirty dishes and cups are fair game to such creatures. Corners in the office, such as under the sink, or in an unused cupboard, may also provide warm, dark places to build their nests or lay eggs, which can lead to the pest problem multiplying. 

Ants, roaches and rodents

The three pests above make most people shudder. Indeed, they happen to be the most common pests in Singapore. A basic preventative pest control service usually covers pesticide and traps for these 3 pests. 

Ants crawling through a gap in the wall

Ants are largely harmless, although a large ant population causes problems especially in a pantry, as they are very quickly attracted to food left in the open. Large numbers of ants may also indicate unhygienic practices in the office. 

A dead cockroach on the floor

Roaches leave a distinctive , unpleasant smell and sometimes droppings, and can transmit bacteria and diseases. They can easily slip through cracks, so they may appear out of the blue in your office. They frequently hide during the day and come out at night. 

Rodents are a particular concern in shophouse and low floor units, especially if you are located near an F&B outlet. They can be carriers of diseases and may also gnaw on and damage furniture and food stored in the pantry.

Pest control treatment

These common pests can be prevented and repelled. The office area, especially places such as below the sink and cracks along walls where pests can enter, are treated with residual spray which repels and kills the pests if they come into contact with the spray. 

In pest control, prevention is better than cure. Simple basic preventative pest control is affordable and prevents large infestations which may cost a lot more to manage. 

As part of comprehensive office management, Nimbus provides pest control servicing for offices. Our pest control crew take care to spray in all areas including under the sink and storage areas, to effectively prevent pests from appearing.

Nimbus' pest control crew spraying along walls in an office
Spraying pantry drawers to prevent pests

Long-term maintenance

In the long term, the only solution to ensure a high standard of hygiene in your office. This may involve coordinating with your colleagues on good hygiene practices, such as always placing cups in the sink instead of leaving them on desks, and ensuring that the cleaning services provider you engage has stringent cleaning standards. 

Pest control is indeed a common concern. Our cleaning crew in your offices are also trained to ensure a high level of hygiene to prevent pest problems from materializing. Contact us today for holistic office management that helps you prevent pests in your office for the long term. 

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