Top 6 Filthiest Places in the Office You Never Knew About

Talk about the filthiest places in the office and you’ll immediately think of the toilets and pantry sinks. But are these really the only filthy places in the office that require office deep cleaning services to clean up and disinfect? Don’t be shocked, but six other spots in your office require deep office cleaning. Read on to find out.

1. Desks and Chairs

Employees spend most of their time at their desks and chairs. Not only do they work there and eat there, but they are most likely to stack both official documents and junks there out of convenience.

It is said that the surface of a work desk is home to nearly 10 million germs at any onetime, 400 times more germs than the toilet seat! There is noquestion that the desks and chairs are items that truly require thorough corporate office cleaning services to restore their cleanliness. Make sure to have them wiped down with antibacterial wipes at least once a week to ensure a healthy work environment for your employees.

2. Keyboards

Like the work desk, employees used their keyboards and mouses all day,every day. Their hands hover over these items for hours a day and not surprisingly dirt such as food crumbs, sweat and dead skin would be transferred to these surfaces. A study found keyboards have over3,000 bacteria per square inch, by contrast, atypical toilet seat only has about 50 per square inch. As a rule of thumb, office business cleaning services that you hire must be instructed to wipe down the keyboards to get rid of all the dirt before disinfecting.

3. Shared Mugs

A study found that even when they’re washed and dried, 90% of office shared mugs contained a significant amount of germs, 20%of which even carried faecal matter! It is not because the office cleaning team is not doing their job but the problem lies in the communal kitchen towels and sponges used to wash these mugs. These sponges are usually contaminated and when they are used to wash other items,they can unknowingly transfer a significant amount of germs to them.An easy remedy is to replace towels and sponges in the pantry regularly to prevent an accumulation of germs on them.

4. Coffee Maker

Bacteria seem to love coffee as much as office workers because nearly 35 to 67 different types of bacteria are often found in coffee machines’ drip trays. Bacteria tend to thrive in the dark and damp interiors, making coffee machines the best spots for them to multiply.

One cleaning tip for your coffee machine is to fill them with four cups of white vinegar and let it sit for half an hour. Then let it run through, followed by three cycles of water, or till the vinegar smell no longer lingers. Alternatively, you can always check with your corporate office cleaning services team for other professional solutions.

5. The Office Fridge

Theoffice fridge is like a limbo storage place where many forgotten food stuffs are left there past their expiration date. These items make the fridge smell and unhygienic to keep fresh items. As a rule of thumb, clean out and wipe down the fridge every week. Importantly, authorised your appointed office business cleaning services team to throw outmouldy and unwanted food in the fridge so that the space is always clean and fresh.

6. Non-automatic Soap Dispensers in Restrooms

20 to 25% of office soap dispensers are found to be contaminated with large numbers of bacteria at any one time. The breed of bacteria found on soap dispensers is very resilient and will remain on users’ hands even after washing with the soap.

While your office deep cleaning services team can help to restore the hygiene of these dispensers, one way to stop the recurrence of such problems is to invest in automatic soap dispensers that operate with sensors.

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