Why You Need a Well-Stocked Office Pantry

We’ve all been there before. It’s mid-afternoon, you’ve been working hard at your office desk, and suddenly you feel that all-too-familiar rumble in your tummy. You head to the office pantry in search of a snack, only to discover a woefully under-equipped kitchen pantry. There is nothing to munch on. Disappointed and annoyed,  you get back to work, but it is difficult to concentrate on the task at hand. Turns out, research shows that an under-stocked pantry can have pervasive effects besides just personal discomfort. According to the Harvard Business Review, a fall in blood sugar levels can lower concentration and hence productivity.

Here is why you have a good reason to lavish and adorn your office pantry with foods we all love:

1. Positive Workplace Culture

When one thinks of work environment and office culture, the availability of food in the office pantry may not automatically come to mind. However, according to Staples Business Advantage (SBA), 53% of office employees think that a well-equipped pantry contributed to their perception of an inclusive office culture.This is because a well-stocked pantry is one way through which a company demonstrates concern for their employee’s welfare. It is also a way to appreciate the hardwork employees put in. Recipients would feel valued and repute between leaders and employees will be built up. Supportive management hence, plays a part in strengthening relationships between the Directors and Employees, creating a positive workplace culture.

2. Common Space For All

According to the Australian Institute of Business, 73% of survey respondents felt that a full pantry would make them feel happier at work, with a further 57% thinking that it would boost staff morale. A fully-loaded pantry also serves as ground for fellowship between employees. It functions as a nexus of the office community, irregardless of station, where workers gather to relax, share ideas, and find respite from work. It fosters relationship building, bonding and collaboration. In the long run, employees will feel an increased sense of personal belonging to the company. Furthermore, this space would encourage co-working, unifying the different departments of the company. Employees are hence encouraged to communicate, work and network with each other. This would streamline and forge cohesiveness within the company, which in turn would help to streamline the Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) as employees become more comfortable with voicing out different perspectives to make work easier.

3. Increased employee productivity at work

A well-stocked pantry helps ensure that employees are kept well-fed, refreshed and satisfied. When people are hungry, they are not performing at their best. Having adequate and nutritious snacks close by helps to keep your employees in tip-top physical and mental conditions. This will make them more productive and focused in work.Also, with a well-stocked pantry, trips to nearby convenience stores to satisfy urges to snack become unnecessary. The time saved on walking could be spent on more pressing work-related issues, or even stress-relieving activities such as having meaningful conversations with coworkers. Additionally, with a convenient source of food, employees may not need extended meal breaks, thereby allowing for flexible working schedules.

4. Retaining Talent Pool

Companies have the potential to spend up to 200% more than the annual pay of a regular employee in order to hire and train up someone new. It would be best if companies are able to retain current staff. We understand that in the dawn of technology in this day and has widened the horizons of many individuals with many deciding to remain at home and be their own boss after learning from workplace experiences.It may even come down to the point where the deciding factor between remaining at your company compared to moving on would be dependent on employee benefits such as access to quality assured, well-stocked office pantry.

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While your office pantry may not be as idealistic and  jaw-dropping as
Google’s or Facebook’s, you can take a step in the right direction by providing employees with a modest, nutritious source of nourishment. On top of office management services, Nimbus offers you a convenient, one-stop solution for your pantry supply needs, at competitive prices. Look through our pantry supply offerings here.

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