Air Fresheners & Server Room Cleaning

BlackLine is an enterprise software company that develops cloud-based accounting software that simplifies finance and accounting processes and helps businesses manage their quarterly financial reports. Most recently, they announced their launch into Singapore by opening an office in Suntec City.

Organic Air Fresheners for The Office

Creating a great workspace environment involves a transformation of the five human senses. Cleaning and plants transform the ‘sight’ and ‘touch’ experience but the smell of an office is also an important experience for the employees.

Blackline recognises that and engaged Nimbus to supply them with Organic Scent Wafer air fresheners which utilises natural air for evaporation for scent diffusion without Aerosool or the use of chemicals. Free samples was given to identify the correct fragrance before installation and servicing.

Deep Spring Cleaning

To prepare for their big media launch and to welcome their employees into the office, the Nimbus team also provided a deep clean for the space. From the high glass cleaning, to the server room cleaning which requires the proper use of tools and equipment using anti-static solutions to reduce the chance of hardware failure.

For smaller sized tenants in the buildings who require less frequent hours, the Nimbus team also recently pioneered a sharing labour system for offices in the same building. Find out more here.