5 Tips to Keep the Office Pantry Sparkling Clean

The office pantry is one of the dirtiest spots in the workplace that can accumulate bacteria and cause health hazards.  Even if there is regular office cleaning, there is still no guarantee that every aspect of the pantry is clean and hygienic enough to protect your employees from germs and viruses that are hidden in unsuspected corners.  How to keep your workplace sparkling clean then?  Hire corporate office cleaning services to have regular deep cleaning with these five tips in mind is the best bet:

1. Stock up on cleaning supplies. 

Always make sure there are ample cleaning supplies such as paper towels, kitchen disinfectants, garbage bags, dish detergents and sponges available.  This will ensure employees have ready supplies to clean up the mess they make and allow pantry staff from business cleaning services to maintain the cleanliness of the place at all times. Furthermore, ready cleaning supplies can help to prevent delayed cleaning of spills, stains and dirt that easily breed bacteria. When there are garbage cans and recycling bins conveniently available, they can also encourage employees to throw their trash in the right places and discard recyclable material appropriately. 

2. Keep it organised. 

Whether you hire in-house staff or external office deep cleaning services to maintain the cleanliness of the pantry, keeping it clean and clutter-free is a must.  When everything is located in the right place, employees will immediately know where to find what they need and replace them in the right places after use.  Consider keeping daily supplies, beverages and snacks in the most accessible cabinet so that employees can access them readily and won’t keep them beyond expiration.  Also, label them clearly so that everyone can help to keep the pantry tidy and neat.  Extra supplies can be stored in nearby closets or storage spaces so that they won’t take up prime locations in the pantry. 

3. Invest in the right equipment.  

Even if your company hires corporate office cleaning services to facilitate office cleaning, the workplace must also invest in the right equipment to ensure a better level of hygiene in the pantry.  For example, having a fridge that’s big enough to accommodate everyone’s needs can prevent foodstuff from being left in the open and waste bins with built-in sensors allow employees to conveniently use them without any contact.  Such equipment helps employees maintain a higher level of cleanliness with ease and ensure they are less vulnerable to germs and viruses.  Investing in the right tools and equipment may cut down the number of staff falling sick, so why not? 

4. Avoid leaving food lying around. 

The one thing that can often cause most problems in an office pantry is the food left behind without proper storage or refrigerating.  It is common to find employees leaving crumbs, half-eaten snacks, or packed food on the pantry table that end up attracting cockroaches, flies, ants or even rats.  This is not a problem that hiring office cleaning services alone can prevent.  There is a need to implement internal office policies to suggest the dos and don’ts in the pantry so that employees will adhere to the protocols to keep office cleaning more manageable and the pantry hygienic for everyone to use. 

5. Engage professional office cleaning services. 

Let’s be honest, depending on your employees to upkeep a sparkling clean pantry is not always possible.  After all, they have core duties to look after and cleaning up is really not their priority.  This is why engaging professional office deep cleaning services is essential for any company that wants the best working environment for its workforce. These corporate office cleaning services have trained personnel who can use the most appropriate cleaning methods and products to tackle any stains and dirt to protect your employees’ health and well-being. 

If you’re ready to see how office business cleaning services can make a difference for your office cleanliness, Nimbus provides professional office cleaning solutions for workspaces in Singapore.  View our comprehensive range of office cleaning services to find out more. 

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